Deya Danielle Drake

Escape - The Play

About Escape:

3w, 2m

World Premiere October 2018 at The New York International Fringe Festival

In the aftermath of a violent incident onboard a commercial jet, an Airline CEO and Flight Attendant fight to control the narrative of a news cycle in free fall.  When the incident crosses over from news ticker headline to twitter #trending, the two women discover how fraught with turbulence the internet can be. Escape paints a timely picture of the temptation to pursue power, by any means necessary, and the human need to solidify our own relevance in a world that is changing quicker than we are.


"What makes this a compelling story is its study of the dynamics between men and women in the workplace and society at large, and its study of powerful people and their sycophants."

"Escape is a defense of victims and an endorsement of the #MeToo Movement, and its final scenes are hard-won catharsis." - Theatre Is Easy

β€œThe entire cast is strong, with Deya Danielle Drake pulling an impressive double duty of actor and playwright.” - Manhattan with a Twist